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How to Clean an Inground Pool in 5 Steps

What's better than jumping into a clean pool after a long day? Cleaning an inground pool can be a daunting task. It is important to clean your pool regularly to keep it looking its best and functioning properly. In this article, we will walk you through the 5 steps to cleaning your inground pool in no time. Read on.

How to Clean an Inground Pool in 5 Steps

Ways To Clean An Inground Pool

Cleaning an inground pool is not as hard as one might think. There are a few things you need to do to make sure your pool is clean and ready for swimming. Here are five easy steps to get your pool sparkling clean:

Step 1: Remove Any Debris By Skimming.

The first step in keeping your inground pool clean is to remove any debris that may have fallen in. The best way to do this is by skimming the surface of the water with a net. A skimmer is a long-handled net that is used to scoop up debris from the surface of the water. Simply drag the net along the surface of the water to collect any leaves, bugs, or other debris. Also, be sure to empty the skimmer often so that it doesn't get overloaded and sink. You should do this every day, or as often as possible, to prevent debris from sinking and contaminating the water.

Step 2: Use A Brush To Clean The walls And Floor.

After you have removed the debris from the surface of the water, it's time to brush the walls and floor of your pool. Be sure to brush the entire pool, including the walls and floor. This will help remove any dirt or algae that may be clinging to the sides. It is important to use a brush that is designed for use in pools. A regular household broom will not be effective and could damage your pool. Be sure to brush gently so as not to scratch the surface of your pool. Doing so will help loosen any dirt or debris that may be clinging to the sides. A good brush can make all the difference in getting your pool sparkling clean. You should brush your pool at least once a week, or more often if necessary.

Step 3: Vacuum The Pool.

After you have brushed the walls and floor of your pool, it's time to vacuum the pool. This will help remove any dirt or debris that has been loosened by the brush. To vacuum your inground pool, you'll need a few supplies a hose, a vacuum head, and a vacuum plate. Attach the hose to the vacuum head and then attach the vacuum head to the skimmer. Put the vacuum plate on top of the skimmer basket. Turn on the pump and start vacuuming. Work in sections, moving the hose around the pool as you go. When you're finished, turn off the pump and remove the hose from the skimmer. Vacuuming your pool regularly will also help prolong its life.

Step 4: Clean Your Pool Filter.

This is an important step in the pool cleaning process because your filter helps to remove dirt, debris, and bacteria from the water. While your pool is draining, it's a good idea to clean your filter. Doing this will help ensure that your pool stays sparkling clean once it's refilled. To clean your pool filter, you will need to backwash it using a hose. First, turn off your pump and then open the valve that releases the pressure from the filter. Next, attach a hose to the outlet port of the filter and turn on the water. Run the water through the filter for about five minutes or until the water runs clear. Finally, turn off the water and close the valve.

Step 5: Check And Balance Out Your Pool Water.

The final step in keeping your inground pool clean is to make sure the water is balanced. This means checking the pH levels and chlorine levels. If the pH level is too low, it can cause skin and eye irritation. If the pH level is too high, it can make chlorine less effective. The ideal pH level for a pool is between seven and eight. To test the pH level, you will need a test kit that you can purchase at a pool supply store. Test kits usually come with instructions on how to properly use them.

Cleaning your inground pool can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. With these five simple steps, you can have your pool sparkling clean in no time. If you need help or have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us today. We would be happy to assist you with all of your pool cleaning needs.

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