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Pool Services

Pool Maintenance

Insured and certified, Clear Swim provides an all-inclusive professional pool service to clients in Birmingham and surrounding areas pioneering the use of healthier alternatives to chlorine and other harsh chemicals.

Storm Cleanup

To help preserve your pool water and the quality of your pool equipment components it is important that your pool is cleaned properly. Debris and non-approved tools can excrete contaminants and metals into your pool water and stain the plaster, damage the tile, and more which can cost thousands of dollars in unnecessary repairs. 

New Pool Startup

Includes daily chemicals, testing, balancing, brushing, vacumning and netting to protect your new surface.

Spa Drain

Because of how little water there is in a spa, with frequent use, creates a condition that requires the spa to be drained regularly. If you have frequent bathers using the spa you can expect to do a drain/clean/refill every 3-6 months.

Green Pool Cleanup

A green pool can be the result of poor water chemistry or circulation issues and can be tricky to get back to normal. Contact us and we will come out as soon as possible to provide a diagnosis to get the water back to normal!

One-Time Services

Are you in need of a one time vacuuming because there are lots of leaves in the pool? How about a chemical treatment to get your pool back in balance? Need a drain cover changed? These are things that we can take care of for you.

Drain Replacement

Having an up-to-code drain is important in ensuring there is no chance of entrapment. The anti-vortex drain cover complies with new Federal laws to help prevent swimmers from being trapped underwater due to excessive suction created by the pump and drain combination. The drain cover measures 7⅝ inch diameter outside, 6⅞ inch center (diameter between screw holes).

Additional services

We repair and install vacuums, automation systems, filters, pumps, and much more!

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