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Enjoying the Pool

Brother Bryan Park

Brother Bryan Park is a small park that's always well maintained with ample playgrounds for kids or green space where you can read on any given day of the week - even if it rains! It doesn’t matter what time of year because there are so many activities going on all throughout wintertime: basketball courts; football fields--whatever your sport may be (or just exercise). The trails around this little gem will lead you through some lush trees where birds sing their songs nearby while wild animals search out food from afar.

Brother Bryan Park


Brother Bryan Park (formerly known as Magnolia Park) is a 2.2-acre Birmingham city park located between 21st Street South and 22nd Street South, as well as Magnolia Avenue and 10th Avenue South in the Five Points South neighborhood.

Around the turn of the century, Birmingham Fire Station No. 3's animal menagerie was held in Magnolia Park. The collection, which was known as a predecessor to Birmingham Zoo, was abandoned after residents complained about the noise and filth.

Special Landmark

The park that is home to the church in Alabama is known as "Brother Bryan Park." Nearby to Building Trades Tower and Southern Research, close to Quinlan Building.

Brother Bryan Park is a small park that's always well maintained with ample playgrounds for kids or green space where you can read on any given day of the week - even if it rains. Brother Bryan park has a dog water bowl and a pooper scooper bag dispenser, so take care of your pet's business too.

The Brother Bryan Park in Alabama has an open field where you can walk your dog, run, play frisbee, soccer, or basketball - whatever you like to do to stay fit and healthy. Brother Bryan also has a paved walking trail for people who like to power walk or take their dogs out on walks.

Where to Eat and Drink

Brother Bryan Park is full of families and children running all over the place. There's always a rapturous feel in the air when you visit Brother Bryan Park, especially during lunchtime or close to its closing hours. The Brother Richard's Grill inside Building Trades Tower is never crowded and serves many kinds of food items. If you haven't been to Brother Richard's Grill yet, I would recommend trying it out one lunch break. There are other restaurants nearby as well, but Brother Richard's Grill does not have old/cold/hard/chewy food like other places nearby do sometimes, so eat at Brother Richard's Grill every time you visit Brother Bryan Park.

What You Need To Do

Brother Bryan Park has a ton going on besides being a stellar location for picnics and playtime. The park offers fun classes for kids year-round including yoga, soccer, art, and even sign language lessons. In addition to the summer camps that Brother Bryan hosts; Brother Bryan offers a Sunday school and an early learning center. Brother Bryan also hosts a number of community events like the ever-popular 2nd Saturday market and other festivals and gatherings.

Top 5 Brother Bryans Park Tips:

1) Get your exercise in while you enjoy Brother Bryan Park by checking out the walking trails around the property. There are plenty of shady trees to keep you cool during warmer weather too!

2) The San Marcos Splash pad is always a blast at Brother Bryans Park; so bring your bathing suits and get soaked under massive waterfalls that erupt from multiple water jets.

3) Brother Bryans Park is a favorite among South Austinites because it's spacious enough to have your own private picnic. Feed the pigeons or bring a frisbee and enjoy getting lost in nature for a few hours.

4) Brother Bryans Park has its very own free parking lot, so you don't have to worry about going over your meters during Austin City Limits Music Festival season. Brother Bryan Park is open year-round while ACL takes place two weeks each fall, so be prepared for some extra traffic.

5) Brother Bryan's birthday falls on Christmas day every 2–5 years, so make sure you're around after Santa makes his rounds to help Brother Bryans celebrate.

Birmingham, Alabama is blessed with some of the state’s most amazing parks. Here’s a list of some of our favorites:

  • W. C. Patton Park

  • Avondale Park

  • Kelly Ingram Park

  • Brother Bryan Park

  • George Ward Park

  • Guglielmo Marconi Park

  • Eddie Kendrick Memorial Park

  • Bessie Estell Park

  • East Lake Park

All of these wonderful parks are located just a short distance from our location at 1500 1st Avenue North! Stop by for a visit anytime!

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