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The Beginner's Guide To Monthly Pool Care

If you are a new pool owner, then you may be wondering how to care for your swimming pool properly. It is important to keep up with monthly maintenance to ensure that your pool stays clean and functioning properly. In this article, we will give you a beginner's guide to your monthly pool care.

The Beginner's Guide To Monthly Pool Care

Guide To Your Monthly Pool Care

One of the best things about summer is taking a dip in your pool to cool off. To make sure your pool is ready for swimming when you are, it's important to do some regular maintenance. This guide will walk you through what you need to do each month to keep your pool looking and functioning at its best. Below is the guide:

  • Inspection

Monthly pool inspections are one of the most important aspects of proper monthly pool care. You should check to make sure that all of your equipment is in good working order, and look for any potential problems with the structure of your pool. Checking the pH level and alkalinity of your water is also crucial, as these factors can have a major impact on the overall health of your swimming area. If you're not comfortable performing these tasks yourself, it's always a good idea to enlist the help of a professional. By taking some time each month to properly inspect your pool, you can help ensure that it remains in great condition all season long.

  • Pool Cleaning

One of the most important aspects of pool care is keeping it clean. This means removing debris from the surface of the water and brushing down the sides to prevent any algae growth. It's also a good idea to check your filter system every month and make sure that it's functioning properly. If you find that your filter needs cleaning or replacement, don't try to do it yourself, this is a job for a professional. By taking some time each month to clean your pool, you can help keep it looking its best all summer long.

  • Adding Chemicals

Adding chemicals to your pool is one of the most important monthly tasks. There are a few different types of chemicals that you will need to add regularly, chlorine, algaecide, and clarifier. Chlorine is necessary to kill bacteria and prevent algae growth, while algaecide helps to control any algae blooms. Clarifier keeps the water clear by clumping suspended particles together so they can be easily filtered out. Be sure to read the label of each chemical before adding it to your pool, as each one has specific instructions for use.

  • Testing The Water

Testing the water in your pool is another important monthly task. You should test the pH level, alkalinity, and chlorine levels at least once a month. This will help you ensure that the water is properly balanced and safe for swimming. If you find that any of these levels are off, take action to correct them right away. By taking some time each month to test your pool's water, you can help keep it healthy and enjoyable all season long.

  • Skim The Surface

Skimming the surface of your pool is a quick and easy way to keep it clean. Use a net or skimmer to remove any debris from the water's surface, and be sure to empty the catch basket regularly. This only takes a few minutes each month and can go a long way in keeping your pool looking its best.

  • Pool Cover

If you're not going to be using your pool for an extended period, it's a good idea to cover it. This will help keep the water clean and prevent any debris from getting in. It's also a good way to protect your pool from the elements, which can damage the surface over time. By taking some time each month to properly care for your swimming area, you can ensure that it remains in great condition all season long.

Your pool is a large investment and one that you want to protect. You can’t do this without the proper monthly maintenance. We hope this guide has been helpful and that you can now take care of your pool with ease. By following the guide above, you can be sure to keep your pool clean and free of debris while also monitoring the chemical levels. If you have any questions or need help with monthly pool care, don’t hesitate to call us today. We would be happy to assist you in making sure your swimming area is always ready for a swim.

Do You Need a Professional Pool Cleaning Service You Can Trust?

Maintaining a healthy pool involves much more than just your basic cleaning. A healthy pool requires a complex understanding of chemistry, water & the principles behind balancing it. That's why your friends here at Clear Swim Pool Care are Licensed and PCCR & CPI Certified by the National Swimming Pool Foundation, and much more. We utilize the latest pool maintenance technology, saving our clients up to 50% in monthly pool energy costs using high-efficiency and variable-speed pool pumps, as well as pioneering the use of healthier alternatives to chlorine and other harsh chemicals. In this regard, we use salt-based chlorine and disinfection systems that are safer for you and your family. We proudly serve Birmingham, Alabama, and the surrounding communities of Hoover, Vestavia Hills, and Mountain Brook. Contact us today to request a free quote or water analysis.  We look forward to working with you!

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